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 SEIA Women's Empowerment Summit East, 2017

SEIA Women's Empowerment Summit East, 2017

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The Soft Cost Treasure Hunt - Our Signature Event!

Wishing you could make more profits from the money you are already making? Not sure where to start to improve your business so you can reduce chaos? Looking for fresh ideas to help you grow in an increasingly complex market?

Setting the Course

This is our signature Strategic Planning session. We start with "why" and help you define your mission and vision. We help you determine direction for key business objectives over a period of 1 - 3 years and lay out the key milestones – annually, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, and weekly- that each individual and team must meet in order to support those goals and objectives.

Connecting the Dots

A Contextual Speed Networking activity that starts with key questions that will be more fully explored in the event and helps attendees get ready to address those topics all while meeting new people in a lively setting!

Event or Company-Specific Trivia Team Matches

Ever attend a trivia night with friend at a local bar or pub? This event challenges attendees to make teams and use their collective knowledge to guess the answers to questions that are relevant to your event or programming.

Drawing on Our Experience

Setting the room with a long table, participants sit down around a long piece of paper with some key shapes, words, or themes already drawn on. We set the tone with additional context and then participants, with music and drinks, continue the drawing and conversation and help develop a bigger picture of their relationships with the theme of the event and their connections to it and each other. Every 10 minutes every other person moves to a new chair.

Recent Programs

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  • Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Ally Contractor Day, 2017
  • SEIA Women's Empowerment Summit East, 2017
  • BayWa R.E. Solar Systems 2017 Partner Success Summit
  • SEIA DG Division Meeting, SPI 2016
  • Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Ally Contractor Summit, 2016
  • BayWa R.E. Solar Systems 2015 Customer Summit
  • NationWISE SF 2014 and 2015

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