Are you Investigating how to get Involved in Residential Solar? 

The solar industry employs over 209,000 Americans and over 1,000,000 solar installations power homes and businesses nationwide. [1] Residential solar is the steadiest growing sector, exhibiting consistent quarter-over-quarter growth since 2010 with no seasonal booms or busts [2] and has only recently begun to scale up.

Perhaps you have a method to acquire customers more cost effectively, a software tool that can automate a part of the process of project management, or a new design or installation strategy that can lower soft costs around project. However, are you sure you have framed the opportunity correctly, that you really understand how your solution fits into the business of a solar contractor, or is your offering only an incremental improvement on the status quo?

Over 64% of the cost of Residential Rooftop Solar are non-hardware "Soft Costs" 

Shaving a little cost off the stack is not enough. Do you know how your solution promotes increased margins and increased satisfaction of the end customer?  As margin pressures and prices continue to decrease, contractors are looking to find concrete solutions to help them get out of the race to the bottom.

How Can We Help You?

"Pam was instrumental in helping my team evaluate data and marketing opportunities in the residential solar sector at Tendril. Her deep knowledge in all aspects of the solar ecosystem and connections to key players were instrumental in enabling us to rapidly build a unique, new solar business line in just a few months. Super sharp and fun to work with, our business was very fortunate to have had Pam's guidance."

Steve Pockross, VP of Solar Digital Marketing, Tendril

At Chaolysti, we understand that appropriately scalable systems and leveraging key automations will be essential to growing the residential rooftop solar companies.

Chaolysti synthesizes best practices and lessons learned experience from IT, printing, software development, and community management to our practice. With a decade of expertise in residential solar working with some of the largest brands on both East and West Coasts, with experience pivoting from off-grid to grid-tie, cash sales to leases, and environmentalist buyers to savings-centric consumers, Chaolysti has experience from leading several disruptions in the industry to help you frame your opportunity.

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