Are Your Margins are Being Squeezed in the Solar Supply Chain?


Are you a financial services company, equipment manufacturer (OEM), or equipment distributor struggling with the relationship with your installer? Is their unfocused business process hampering your ability to grow and offer more cost-effective services by tying up your account managers and related support staff? Even worse, are you not aware that this is happening?

Many installers started out in residential solar for a variety of reasons like seeking opportunity in a growing industry during a recession economy, feeling aligned with the social and environmental position of the solar solution, or wanting to expand their trades business into a growing field. But many are now feeling their margins squeezed and they are turning to you to lower your prices. It's a race to the bottom where no one will win.

How will you get out of the race to the bottom?

When You Succeed, Your Contractor Network Succeeds

"It's rare to find a resource with both in-depth solar industry expertise and a broad array of business consulting capabilities. Pam is that person. I have worked with her on a range of projects from big-picture, long-term strategic planning to event design and marketing tactics, with great results. Pam has also been extremely valuable to our customers - solar installation companies - in helping them bring LEAN practices, customer focus, and process improvement to businesses ranging from 1-truck operations to multi-state regional EPC's. 

In addition, Pam is on the cutting edge of policy affecting the solar industry, utility rate design, technology, and business practices and is a uniquely trusted voice for what is best for the industry. I have benefited greatly from working with Pam and would not hesitate to recommend her as a thinking partner, facilitator, or consultant."

Boaz Soifer, CEO, BayWa r.e. Solar Systems LLC

By investing in the success of your valued partners, your operations will save time and money too by avoiding the messy handoffs, excessively unfocused communications, and process misunderstandings. As a benefit, you will differentiate from your competitors and gain loyalty with your contractor network. That's a win.

Chaolysti can help you develop programs that add value for your channel installation partners such as

  • format and content for dealer events & conferences
  • best practices seminars
  • facilitated process development sessions
  • operational effectiveness evaluations (for you or your key partners)

With over a decade of experience in session facilitation, event planning, and operations analysis, Chaolysti can help you develop the right programs that will make the most impact.