Are You Stuck in The Race to the Bottom?


Are you racing to the bottom on dollar/watt costs and making less money? Concerned by policy changes in the electricity markets that could destroy your business? Are competitors moving in on your marketshare, or do you just feel like your company hasn't reached its potential?

Maybe you have started to consider buying leads, outsourcing plan set production, or purchasing software. But how do you know which of these will make the most impact for the dollar you spend? Moving your process to lower cost labor centers, shifting risk outside the insurance policies of the company, and automating process through software tools might not even solve the root problem.

Don't Guess. Get Informed.

If you are like most solar companies and have grown organically over the years to respond to increased sales, your operations are likely not tuned to run effectively. Lineally scaling people will not result in more work completed. More staff needs more management. More management needs more coordination. How will you get out of this vicious cycle?

We invite you to step back and get a fresh approach to the process of project delivery; rethinking traditional employee roles, project milestones, delivery methods, and customer experience perspectives.

Instead of incremental process improvements, why not create a process from the ground up informed by how customers want to engage with you, and thus provide you with more referrals?


Ready to Get Started?

With Chaolysti, we'll help you take a step back and think clearly about how to get out of the race to the bottom. Chaolysti brings a human-centered approach to helping leaders and teams find their why, create goals and map the course to the prosperous future they want to achive. 

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