Chaolysti is the authoritative voice on how the solar industry is adopting and using information technology.

The Solar Software Ecosystem™

The purpose of the Solar Software Ecosystem™ is to develop transparency around how end users in the solar industry and related advanced energy spaces are adopting information technology and what the impacts of those adoptions are from the perspective of driving customer adoption, opening up new market demographics, streamlining project delivery and much more.

Chaolysti's database includes information about vendors, integrations with other products, funding status, and much more. 

Chaolysti's research includes information and insights about how end users view the use of information technology, what they are adopting, and the pain points they are experiencing.



Custom Insights

Chaolysti can provide custom insights backed by end user interviews crossed with the product database. Get and maintain a competitive edge developing your solar soft cost solution or putting together the optimal platform for your company or partner network.


Quarterly insights on updates to ecosystem including additional vendors and service layers, new features, integrations, funding (e.g. grants, venture investment, etc).


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