Long-Term Programs that Chart the Course to Success


Setting Your Course

Designed for tradesmen interested in adding solar to their existing business.

You’ve heard about solar energy, but is it right for your business? This program guides contractors in traditional trades in an exploration of whether or not adding solar energy their existing trades practice would be a good fit.


Adjusting Your Course

Our signature program for companies in business for at least five years.

Would you like to double your net profit margin? Double your growth? This in depth program will get you on the path to success. We’ll focus on collectively defining Why you do what you do and translate that in to a SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound) goal. We will lay out the key milestones – annually, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, and weekly- that each individual and team must meet in order to support those goals and objectives. Then, we’ll help you get there! This program is great for any company in the solar supply chain.


Aligning Our Outcomes

For Manufacturers, Distributors, and Service Providers Invested in Partner Success

Do you want to create more stickiness, success, and loyalty your key accounts, partners, dealers, and customers? When you invest in the success of your network, you invest in your own long-term success. This program is custom crafted to increase the sales and profits of vendors through a combination of distance programs, in-person workshops, program design internally and for the benefit of downstream contractors based on over a decade of improving the operations of solar contracting businesses.

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