Our Most Popular Programs

Understanding Solar Markets and Customers

Our direct experience building the residential solar industry in the Northeast and down into the Mid-Atlantic can help you navigate the dozens of in-state micro-markets and regional cultural biases successfully; essential information for contractors or technology providers looking at tools to lower solar soft costs. Read more on dangerous assumptions many solar installers make when expanding.

Group Facilitation

Starting by defining outcomes amongst senior management and then engaging diverse stakeholders at the ground level of the company, our facilitation approach encourages percolation of fresh ideas to solve business problems. We achieve results by breaking down information silos and creating a judgment-free, listening-focus environment that discourages "groupthink" and draws out valuable insight from all participants.

The Soft Cost Treasure Hunt

This is Chaolysti's signature program. Our Principal with over a decade of experience in the solar business will spend between 1-5 days onsite with your company and evaluate your P&L, staffing, processes, tools, and office environment and develop the key opportunities for you to target in order to reach your growth and profitability goals. 


Process Improvement Programs

Using Lean Process as guideposts, we can help you define the most optimal, efficient, and profitable process for project fulfillment. If you are struggling to gain referrals because of poor customer experience or if increasing overhead costs plague your balance sheet, you could benefit from an operational effectiveness program. Read more about how strategic process design can benefit your bottom line.


Software Recommendation & Implementation

Using our database of software products and our understanding of your business model and goals, we will help you determine the most effective combination of software tools to use to meet that need. We will help you explore the risks and costs as well as put together a plan for successful implementation including training and change management.



Summits and Workshops

Varying in sessions from 1 hour to multi-day, Chaolysti can design an interactive, outcomes-focused program that helps you get important insights, foundational concepts, and transformational thinking across to your desired audience. We have designed and executed successful programs at Solar Power International, The Energy Trust of Oregon's Trade Ally Summit, and many others.


Change by Jessica Peacock (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Change by Jessica Peacock (CC BY-ND 2.0)


How Can Solar Companies Get Ready for the Energy Transition?

When you engage with Chaolysti, we bring to you deep experience in the solar sectors including markets, policy, software, and process design programs.

We can help grow your business and help you reach profitability while getting out of the race to the bottom.

Ready to find out how?