Facilitating Powerful, Relevant, Measurable Outcomes

 Voting on Priorities at the SEIA DG Division Meeting, SPI 2016

Voting on Priorities at the SEIA DG Division Meeting, SPI 2016

We Start with Outcomes.

Whether a group meeting, an icebreaker activity, or a strategic planning session, our facilitation session design starts with defining the outcomes. Our experienced facilitators work with you closely to understand your attendees, your goals, and the outcomes you want to achieve and help you define the most appropriate activities and techniques to meet that goal... while ensuring everyone has fun!


We Design Programs That Get Results

Help your target demographic learn and engage with topics critical to their success and personal/professional development. Starting with defining goals and outcomes, we can help you design and execute the right program - whether a day-long seminar, workshop, exercise, or another format entirely. 

Chaolysti partners with top trainers, speakers, and facilitators to ensure your attendees walk away inspired and with the outcomes we planned, feeling confiednt that they can take the next step.

"THANK YOU for your amazing thought leadership at the WE Summit yesterday! You crushed it and we’ve received amazing feedback on you. Thank you for making the time to attend and for providing an open platform to network on a truly meaningful level. I know many people in the room felt a closeness after your work that wouldn’t have been there had you not forced everyone to connect.  Well done." -- Sara Geist, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Marketing, SEIA

"It was a great, all-encompassing day of education! The speakers were top notch, and the content they covered was well aligned with our business." -- Attendee, Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Ally Contractor Summit, 2016

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