Solar Contractor Resources

The following are curated resources from Chaolysti and select partners geared for solar contractors and installers to help you gain the tools and techniques needed to get out of the race to the bottom, increase margins, and achieve profitability goals.  

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Achieve Profitability In Your Solar Company Through Lean Optimization

In this free course offered by Chaolysti on the Heatspring Platform, students will learn the fundamentals of Lean Thinking and how to apply Lean principles to help weed out waste anywhere in their business from sales to project delivery. Lean is a framework used to evaluate what is and is not valuable to end customers. Lean can help business owners tailor their company to only serving and supporting that which is valuable to their target customers.

This is a great introduction to thinking about process improvement with the goal of achieving profitability and higher margins.

Rating: 8/10 This presentation yielded real tools that can be immediately implemented to begin the effort toward lean optimization in our business process. - Eric S.
Rating 9/10Great class for new business owners. It will help with daily efficiencies, save money within your operation while still providing good customer service. - Sen G.
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Lessons You Can Learn From the Big Solar Guys

Chaolysti's three part content series looking at the methods used by the largest marketshare solar contractors to win their slice of the pie and what you can learn from it.

Part 1: Cloud Software

Part 2: Scalable Design Services

Part 3: Lean Operations


Solar Design Strategy Series

Our three part series taking a deep look in to how to streamline aspects of the design process and how that can help reduce soft costs.

Part 1: How a Flexible Solar Design Strategy Can Help You Compete

Part 2: Implementing A Successful Solar Design Strategy

Part 3: Why Standardize Your Solar PV Offerings


Taking Stock: Assessing The Condition Of Your Marketing Foundation

This training includes a lecture (plus slides) and an interactive tool to assess the current status of your company’s marketing program, branding and graphic elements, website and online assets, customer knowledge and profiles, and resources including team, budget, and outside assistance. This course is part 1 of Identity3's 6-part "Build it Bright! Crafting Your Solar Marketing" Program. This training series was made possible by Energy Trust of Oregon, an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping utility customers invest in and benefit from energy efficiency and clean, renewable power.