Resilient Company Culture is Everything in a Growing Industry


We’re growing up as an industry. This isn’t just about technology anymore. The technology has occupied its place in a more sophisticated value chain, one that includes more robust and better-defined distribution, dealer, and services channels than five or six years ago. Each of these layers is beginning to operate more like one would expect in more mature industries, providing value-added experiences and services to the next customer in the value chain in support of the ultimate outcome – an operating solar PV system. 

The solar industry has moved beyond simply geeking out about equipment and specs. No longer does knowing the integration of components signify someone as being at the pinnacle of sophistication. In fact many aspects of solar design, at least in residential solar, has continued to become a commoditized practice, often outsourced to lower and lower bidders and automated away with increasingly more sophisticated design software.

What this new landscape requires from us is deeper understanding of how we fit in to delivering the specific outcomes asked of our part of the value chain as individuals, parts of the organizations we operate in, and as organizations.

Read on for key questions to ask yourself about the health and maturity of your organization.

Posted on October 12, 2015 and filed under operations.