Chaolysti joins GRID Alternatives International on March Nicaragua trip

From March 15-24, Principal of Chaolysti, Pamela Cargill, will join GRID Alternatives International Program, formerly Power to the People, on its next Nicaragua trip. GRID volunteers will install a 1.38kW off-grid photovoltaic system on a primary school in the rural community of Charco Muerto, a community positioned on a white sandy beach on the edge of Lake Nicaragua and perched on the southeast end of volcano Mombacho. 

Ms. Cargill enthusiastically joins this group traveling to Nicaragua. She began her career in the solar industry in 2002 designing and installing small off-grid solar energy systems much like the project planned for the Charco Muerto community. She eagerly awaits putting her boots back on the roof after a long period working behind the scenes supporting the delivery and fulfillment of solar projects nationwide. She deeply appreciates how a small and simple PV system can make such a significant impact on the quality of life of people within a community without access to many resources or opportunities. This effort exemplifies the promise of what solar energy has to offer in developing nations.

GRID’s International Program will continue to build and expand upon the “voluntourism” model used successfully by Power to the People since 2008, providing opportunities for volunteers to travel to Nicaragua and install solar alongside community members while raising funds to support the projects. This program will also continue to focus on bringing power to schools, community centers, and health clinics across Nicaragua. This effort betters the lives of people in these communities as it enables children to study in the evenings, families to charge cell phones and often household batteries, and all in the community to gain access to life-saving medical equipment and perishable vaccines.

Learn more about GRID Alternatives International Program.

Join Chaolysti celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary of GRID Alternatives on March 6 in San Francisco. Get your ticket today or donate to GRID's International efforts to support solar energy in developing countries like Nicaragua. (Select "International" when you make your gift)

Posted on March 5, 2014 and filed under news.