Chaolysti Founder, Pamela Cargill, appears on Disruption! Solar Energy Podcast

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Founder of Chaolysti, Pamela Cargill, spoke recently with Roger Willhite of and host of the podcast Disruption! Solar Energy for episode #31. The interview covered:

  • Developing solar career paths: from formal education to solar training to the employment landscape.
  • Bay Area Solar Culture: How the vestiges of DotCom tech culture shaped the Bay Area solar industry and how attitudes and housing competitiveness make it challenging to live in the Bay Area.
  • The East Coast solar market landscape: An overview of the fragmented markets and cultural attitudes in New England and colonial history that shaped it.
  • Chaolysti: What it is, who it serves, and what it wants to become in the future.
  • The future of Third Party Ownership: Will it continue to dominate?
  • The future of the solar industry: Will business models or technology innovations propel us forward?

You can listen in to these answers and much more here.