Announcing "The Lookback" - A Podcast about Solar Contractors, For Solar Contractors


We're thrilled to announce our new podcast co-produced with our longtime friends and collaborators at BayWa R.E. Solar SystemsThe Lookback.

In each episode, the Lookback team asks a solar contractor to "look back" at how they used to face certain challenges and what they do now. Hosted by Solar r.e.view editor Tom Miller and Chaolysti's own Pam Cargill, episodes will feature stories, tips, and lessons, from contractors across the solar industry.

Give a listen to our first official episode featuring Chad Waits, owner of Net Zero Solar in Tucson, AZ speaking with us about how he used to see the effects of local and national policies and how he handles those now.

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Got an idea for a topic we should cover or a guest contractor we should invite on? Contact us and tell us what you think!

Posted on November 12, 2017 and filed under lookback.