Working Together to Understand the Changing Value Proposition for Rooftop Solar

Pam facilitated a big conversation earlier this week. We had representatives from PG&E, the Bay Area CCAs (community choice aggregators), and solar contractors in the room to explore what the energy customer of the future would be and how we could align to serve them.

Instead of holding a roundtable session where people individually argued their position, Pam worked with the PG&E Energy Center's Pete Shoemaker to design a program that would foster listening and empathy. The half-day event centered around small group work focusing on case studies looking at bills. A huge part of the program involved making visible outcomes and questions that emerged from the group work in affinity maps, which helped ensure all voices and concerns were heard and the real and biggest concerns elevated to the top of the chart.

The Result?

The biggest clusters of concerns coalesced around communication, the anatomy of the utility bill itself, and how the financial mechanisms behind billing all affected consumers, CCAs, the utility, and the end consumer. Now, the PG&E Energy Center has a clear understanding of next steps it can take to reach out to consumers for focus group activity. 

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Posted on June 15, 2017 and filed under eventwrapup.