A Tale of Two Cities: SF and DC Clean Energy Leadership Institute Capstone Classes

In June, Pam worked with the Clean Energy Leadership Institute to produce and lead their leadership capstone events in San Francisco and Washington DC. Both programs explored, "What Does Leadership Look Like?" and helped participants connect with frameworks for understanding themselves, each other, the relationships between institutions in power and emerging frameworks, and experience how to frame, lead, and debrief from the most challenging discussions facing clean energy today.

Visual harvesting helps meeting and event participants better track, focus, and reflect on the themes and outcomes of an event or program. In this example, a volunteer team with the Clean Energy Leadership Institute helped Pam capture key comments, themes, and take aways during the half-day event. During event breaks, Pam worked with the team to visualize the story as it unfolded over the course of the day.

The Result?

The result was that attendees could focus on being part of the program and reflect more holistically on the themes that emerged for the group after the fact. The visual harvests for the SF and DC events helped create a functional connection between the outcomes and concepts explored by teams working over 3,000 miles apart.

Hear It From Participants:

"Thank you putting together that amazing workshop, it was a one of a kind experience. There was a lot to enjoy about the workshop, but I did especially like the structure and how it had a very personal element to it throughout the day. The last activity where we walked around appreciating and acknowledging others in the program anonymously was a beautiful means of communicating to our peers in the program I thought." - Anson S.

 The resulting visual harvest captures some of the key insights and themes from the DC program.

The resulting visual harvest captures some of the key insights and themes from the DC program.

Posted on June 29, 2017 and filed under eventwrapup.