Experts Discuss the Future of Residential Solar during SPI 2016 Forum

Chaolysti Principal Pamela Cargill facilitated a forum at SPI 2016 with a cast of experts representing several adjacent viewpoints surrounding the business of residential solar.

  • Ed Murray, CEO, Aztec Solar
    • Primary Perspective: Long-term industry, thermal, 80’s tax credit, policy making
  • Jim Jenal, CEO, Run on Sun
    • Primary Perspective: small/local installer, consumer protection
  • Michael Grasso, CMO, SunRun
    • Primary Perspective: national-scale hybrid residential solar business model
  • Rick Luna, Sr. Manager of Product Development, CPS Energy
    • Primary Perspective: progressive municipal utility


The session focused on two key topics, inviting the audience to vote using a text-to-poll mechanism:

  1. Who will dominate the business of residential solar in 5 years?

  2. What will be the predominant business model of residential solar in 5 years? 

Read the article in Solar Power World covering the spirited conversation here.

Posted on September 22, 2016 and filed under eventwrapup.