Join Chaolysti for a free Operational Effectiveness Webinar with Heatspring Learning

Join Chaolysti for a Heatspring Learning Webinar on May 22 at 10AM Pacific (2PM Eastern): Using 7 Forms of Waste and Critical Path Method to Lower Operational Soft Costs in Residential Solar. This one hour program is for residential solar companies that would like to increase their profitability by streamlining operations. The tools and exercises in the presentation will provide participants a framework for evaluating how to reduce operational costs in their companies using proven project management methodologies.

The 7 Forms of Waste lesson aims to help participants think differently about what tasks add value or do not add value during the process of completing a solar project and satisfying the customer. The Critical Path Method (CPM) will help participants think scientifically about how the human resources, software tools, physical tools add to or detract from the profitable delivery of projects and customer satisfaction. CPM always starts with what the customer values and builds all tools, people, and process around it.

Learning Objective 1: At the end of this session, participants will be able to name the 7 Forms of Waste and provide examples of each form of waste in their own solar company as a first step to eliminating waste.

Learning Objective 2: At the end of this session, participants will be able to understand how to use the basics of the Critical Path Method in the framework of the 7 Forms of Waste to streamline their company process and deliver value to the customer at higher profit and lower operating costs (OpEx).

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Posted on April 1, 2014 and filed under eventwrapup.