Join Chaolysti and Heatspring Learning Institute for a Free Solar Business Course

Join Chaolysti and Heatspring Learning Institute for a free webinar short course entitled "Strategies for Small Business Solar Success: Lead Generation and Operational Efficiency" which will take place on September 13th.

Learn successful tactics for solar lead generation and managing those leads to improve profitability and customer service. Set your small renewable energy business up for success with The Cloud Office! Using Google Apps, cloud-based data storage and applications, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and social media, today's renewable energy companies can save money, manage more operations internally, track data better, scale faster, and spend more time on what's really important- providing stellar customer service and focusing on driving sales through marketing.

  • Learn how to set up and execute an effective marketing plan using low or no-cost tactics. We'll cover a little of everything from branding your company and utilizing social media to event-based marketing. Key for any small business looking to get their first projects, or grow sales after their first couple projects.
  • Learn how to manage leads, customers, and sales pipelines most effectively using databases or Customer Relationship Management software.
  • Learn simple steps you can implement for setting up easy-to-manage business operations. From websites, web profiles, and email to efaxing, shared calendars, shared documents are more.