Post-ITC Planning: Key Questions for Everyone in the Solar Value Chain

The solar industry got a holiday gift this year in the form of the extension of the ITC. But we aren’t entirely out of the woods. Numerous threats to NEM and rate cases at dozens of utilities across the nation stand to fundamentally change the value of solar. Already, Nevada has retroactively eliminated its NEM program as its solar industry was just getting off the ground.

Always remember that solar is a highly political space. Look no further than Stephen Lacey's blow-by-blow analysis of how the ITC was extended for just how complicated the politics of solar have become. 

Take some time this winter in what is hopefully a slightly slower season for your company and do some planning. With the ITC extended for five years with a reasonable step-down, clearer thinking can prevail about pursuing growth in a more logical manner. 

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Posted on February 3, 2016 and filed under analysis.