Vote Pam for a Second Term as DG Division Vice Chair

 Pam with the SEIA Board of Directors meeting with DOE Secretary Rick Perry in 2016

Pam with the SEIA Board of Directors meeting with DOE Secretary Rick Perry in 2016

I am pursuing a second term as the DG Division Vice Chair because I would like to continue my work developing programs, services, and strategies that specifically cater to the needs of the backbone of our industry: the estimated 7,000 small and mid-market sized solar contractors across the country in every state.

I have served as the DG Division Vice Chair for the last two year, flying back to Washington DC several times to support the needs and tell the stories of small solar contractors all over the nation.

Before that, I chaired the Mentorship Committee for Women in Solar Energy; participating and driving the successful design and execution of the pilot mentorship program including all meetings, volunteer management, meeting minutes, and resulting documents/program manuals.

I bring a thorough, organized, collaborative-centric, and listening-focused approach to my program design work. Defining the right outcomes and achieving milestones to arrive at those outcomes is of paramount importance to me. In the last four years, I have designed programs from conference sessions to half-day workshops to day-long summits focusing on the most important issues solar contractors need to engage with.

I joined SEIA in spring of 2016. Since then, I served on SEIA’s Revenue Generation Committee where I worked to develop a new set of programs, strategies, and recommendations aimed at serving small business in the solar industry currently entering the implementation phase. I have participated in several Federal Lobby days representing the needs of small contractors in every state in the nation. At the last two DG Division Meetings at SPI, I have lead interactive workshops to develop DG Division priorities that shaped the work of DG Division Chair Tony Clifford and myself.

I have been devoted to the industry since 2001 starting in off-grid solar during my academic career and joining the grid-tied sector in 2006 as the second employee of a small solar installer in Massachusetts. I am a tireless advocate for the needs of small businesses in our industry and realize that change takes time and persistence.

I would appreciate your vote so I can continue this crucial work!

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Announcing "The Lookback" - A Podcast about Solar Contractors, For Solar Contractors


We're thrilled to announce our new podcast co-produced with our longtime friends and collaborators at BayWa R.E. Solar SystemsThe Lookback.

In each episode, the Lookback team asks a solar contractor to "look back" at how they used to face certain challenges and what they do now. Hosted by Solar r.e.view editor Tom Miller and Chaolysti's own Pam Cargill, episodes will feature stories, tips, and lessons, from contractors across the solar industry.

Give a listen to our first official episode featuring Chad Waits, owner of Net Zero Solar in Tucson, AZ speaking with us about how he used to see the effects of local and national policies and how he handles those now.

If you enjoy it, please follow on Soundcloud, subscribe on iTunes, and consider leaving us a review to help others find us.

Got an idea for a topic we should cover or a guest contractor we should invite on? Contact us and tell us what you think!

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Building and Keeping the Trust of your Clients with Run on Sun's Jim Jenal


It's no secret that I have a lot of respect for Jim Jenal of Pasadena, CA solar contractor Run on Sun. Over the last 10 years, Jim has done an excellent job exemplifying some laudable behaviors in the business of solar contracting from his blog and content marketing strategy, policy knowledge and involvement, and-- most of all-- how he builds and maintains relationships with his clients.

In this podcast, I team up with BayWa's Tom Miller to interview Jim about how he started building trust with that very first client, how to win back trust, and his philosophy for operating a trustworthy small contracting operation.

Join us below for these insights and more.

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Getting out of the Race to the Bottom Follow up with Barry Cinnamon - Podcast


You asked for us to dig deeper, so we did! In this 25 minute follow-up podcast discussion, Barry Cinnamon, Pam Cargill, and BayWa's Tom Miller dive deeper in to hot topics brought up during their SPI panel session "Getting out of the Race to the Bottom" covering project management practices for small contractors, the benefits of engaging in following local policy, and "orchestrating" all the pieces of the solar project delivery process.

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