Getting out of the Race to the Bottom Follow up with Barry Cinnamon - Podcast


You asked for us to dig deeper, so we did! In this 25 minute follow-up podcast discussion, Barry Cinnamon, Pam Cargill, and BayWa's Tom Miller dive deeper in to hot topics brought up during their SPI panel session "Getting out of the Race to the Bottom" covering project management practices for small contractors, the benefits of engaging in following local policy, and "orchestrating" all the pieces of the solar project delivery process.

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Think it's a process problem? How to tell if your sticking point is organizational

Mail sorting assembly line by jmv via (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Mail sorting assembly line by jmv via (CC BY-SA 2.0)

"Process improvement" sounds so sterile and easy. It assumes an organization is a group of people arranged around completing tasks, and that if only tasks were arranged in the right order, and we had the right reporting systems, and right policies and KPIs (key performance indicators) in place, we would be successful delivering products to customers. Then, if something was going wrong, we could go to the process, make a tweak to clarify it, roll it out, and --- instant improvement!

If this was the case, why doesn't it work all the time? Or why don't the process tweaks "stick?"

We always see symptoms first; they are the easiest to identify. And while we can alleviate or clear up symptoms, the underlying problems causing symptoms to appear are still there, ready to drive a new set of symptoms to the surface.

Read more about how to navigate the difference between process problem and organizational problems and get a few ideas on how to fix them!

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A BayWa R.E. SPI Podcast - Getting out of the Race to the Bottom


Did you miss Pam's session at SPI? We were joined by solar and contracting luminaries to discuss together the pain we're experiencing as we're trying to escape competing solely on price and what strategies and techniques can help us break away from from downward margin pressures.

Solar distributor BayWa r.e. Solar Systems produced this great podcast of the session. We hope you enjoy it!

Read more about that thinking that encouraged us to create this session and get access to more resources in the show notes.

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Pam's Insights on the Present and Future of Solar on SunCast


Settle in for a long cut, rare, and intimate conversation with Pamela Cargill, Principal of Chaolysti as she hosted Nico Johnson of the SunCast podcast at her beautiful waterfront office in Alameda to share some wine and conversation.

You should have a listen if you're interested in:

  • Insights into how small companies prepare for growth in solar
  • Solid tools Pam uses to coach her clients along that path
  • What it's like leaving corporate to run your own consulting business, from a woman's perspective
  • Some of pam's favorite books and who has influenced her
  • And about a dozen other insights gleaned from this hour with Pam

Check out the show notes for more!

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