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Pamela Cargill, Principal of Chaolysti and 2017 Solar Power World Innovator and Influencer, is on a mission to bring distributed solar to the mainstream and has been working to mature the solar industry for over a decade. In support of this work, Pam has been questioning why we do things the way we do and seeking new ways to help people and organizations meet their goals and work better together.

Through hands-on work across the solar supply chain, she is helping the industry learn how to collaborate more productively together to delight our common customers. Pam’s most successful clients develop deeper empathy for defining the right outcomes and re-orient their products, services, processes, and company cultures to achieve excellence.

Pam facilitates events and speaks regularly at conferences covering techniques that drive competitiveness, superior customer experience, and positive employee engagement.

Pam has worked growing and shaping small, regional, and national rooftop solar businesses since 2006. She was the second employee of Kosmo Solar which grew to a $1M business in 2007 under her operations management. Pam was recognized that year with an Outstanding Service Award for her role growing the company. The business went on to become part of the $8M SolarWrights regional presence, then formed the residential side of the $60M Alteris Renewables empire, and finally joined the Real Goods portfolio by 2010.

Pam currently serves as the Vice Chair of SEIA’s Distributed Generation Division, and as an active board alternate for SEIA, as well as on the Educational Committee for Solar Power International. Pam was recently recognized as one of the Solar Power World 2017 Innovators and Influencers. She believes strongly in giving back to the industry and provides pro bono consulting every quarter to industry causes she believes in including GRID Alternatives, SEIA, CalSEIA, OSEIA, the Clean Energy Leadership Institute, and many others.

She holds a B.A. from Hampshire College where she developed a self-directed and interdisciplinary program of study in solar energy system design and built out a portfolio of engineered, procured, and constructed projects before her graduation. 


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