What is Chaolysti?

Chaolysti believes in an equitable and sustainable world where people can achieve self determination.

We do this by helping people and organizations in the solar industry embrace and embark on the fulfilling adventure that emerges from continuous improvement. 

We achieve this by developing programs, leading discoveries, and supporting the causes and initiatives aligned with our values.



What Does Chaolysti Encompass?

Some see the chaos right away in our name. And the solar industry as it is still growing and maturing is a place that can often feel very chaotic. This is where the hard "kay" sound is drawn from in the pronunciation.

We love to ask the big questions. "Why?" is one of our favorites. We love to learn about and discover the deeper reasons and meaning behind an inquiry and solve for root causes.

We are agents of change; a catalyst for people and organizations who are ready to do and achieve more.

Organizations are interconnected people working and communicating together. Without solutions that speak to the whole organization, we cannot make sustainable progress.



  Pamela Cargill with then-Kosmo Solar foreman Phil Smith installing an 82kW PV system in Danbury, CT, 2007.

Pamela Cargill with then-Kosmo Solar foreman Phil Smith installing an 82kW PV system in Danbury, CT, 2007.

Our Principal Pamela Cargill has built a career growing and helping solar contracting businesses succeed. She founded Chaolysti after working at Sungevity, where she experienced two big lessons. One was the resource gap between what management and organizational tools were available to a big company like Sungevity versus a local contracting business. The second was seeing and experiencing the increasing complexity and cash needs of a residential solar business operating with a national reach. She left Sungevity to found Chaolysti to help local contractors achieve success and profitability based on their local advantage.

Our practice is informed by experience from several major market shifts in the residential sector on both the East and West Coasts: off-grid to grid-tie, cash sales to third-party ownership, and innovator adopters to early adopters. We pride ourselves on driving the growth of residential, distributed rooftop solar by partnering with analysts, researchers, solar service providers, and entrepreneurs who are challenging the status quo and creating new visions of supporting small to medium solar contractors.

Chaolysti was founded in 2013 in Alameda, CA.