What is Chaolysti?

Chaolysti is a consulting firm that helps residential solar contractors increase their margins and reach profitability. We do this by:

  • Directly engaging residential contractors with services to help them achieve profitability goals.
  • Developing programs with solar services providers like software developers, financial services, equipment manufacturers, and distributors that support effective operations of their partner contractors.
  • Advising startups looking to understand how to engage the complex market landscape of residential solar.

At Chaolysti, we highly value the primary research conducted in the solar industry from institutions such as NREL, LBNL, SPV Market Research, NC Clean Energy Technology Center, Rocky Mountain Institute, and many others. We thoroughly read, analyze, and often cite these data in our recommendations.



Pamela Cargill with then-Kosmo Solar foreman Phil Smith installing an 82kW PV system in Danbury, CT, 2007.

Pamela Cargill with then-Kosmo Solar foreman Phil Smith installing an 82kW PV system in Danbury, CT, 2007.

Our Principal Pamela Cargill has built a career growing and helping solar contracting businesses succeed. She founded Chaolysti after working at Sungevity, where she experienced two big lessons. One was the resource gap between what management and organizational tools were available to a big company like Sungevity versus a  local contracting business. The second was seeing and experiencing the increasing complexity and cash needs of a solar business operating with a national reach. She left Sungevity to found Chaolysti to help local contractors achieve success and profitability based on their local advantage.

We bring to our practice experience based on major market shifts in the residential sector on both the East and West Coasts: off-grid to grid-tie, cash sales to third-party ownership, and environmentally-focused to financially-savvy consumers. We pride ourselves on driving the growth of residential rooftop solar by partnering with analysts, researchers, solar service providers, and entrepreneurs who are challenging the status quo and creating new visions of supporting small to medium solar contractors.

Chaolysti was founded in 2013 in Alameda, CA.