Where Just a Little PV Goes a Long Way: GRID Alternatives in Nicaragua

I recently returned from a week-long trip with GRID Alternatives’ International Program, where my husband (Marvin Hamon, also a solar pro) and I joined a group of ten intrepid travelers to install a 1.38kW PV system. The installation took place in the rural subsistence fishing community of Charco Muerto on the shore of Lake Nicaragua […]

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Business Model Implications of Solar’s Disruptive Power

Residential solar has been at crossroads before: venturing from off-grid to grid-tied systems, transitioning from environmental-minded to financially-focused consumers, and shifting from direct ownership to options of third-party ownership. With third-party ownership came the introduction of long-term relationships between the installer and consumer. While long-term customer relationships are still only in their nascence, analysts from […]

Join Chaolysti for a free Operational Effectiveness Webinar with Heatspring Learning

Join Chaolysti for a Heatspring Learning Webinar: Using 7 Forms of Waste and Critical Path Method to Lower Operational Soft Costs in Residential Solar. This one hour program is for residential solar companies that would like to increase their profitability by streamlining operations.

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Chaolysti to Present Operational Effectiveness Poster at PV America

PV America, a SEIA/SEPA conference focused this year on the rapidly developing market in the US Northeast, has selected Chaolysti to present at its inaugural poster exhibition on the topic “Using 7 Forms of Waste and Critical Path Method to Lower Operational Soft Costs in Residential Solar.”

Choosing Solar Becomes a “Free Market” Issue per SolarCity/Clean Edge Study

Homeowners interested in solar are more concerned with the personal economics and free market availability to choose than the environmental impact of clean energy according to a recent joint study by SolarCity and Clean Edge conducted by national polling firm Zogby Analytics. The new report, “U.S. Homeowners on Clean Energy: A National Survey,” is available […]

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Chaolysti joins GRID Alternatives International on March Nicaragua trip

From March 15-24, Principal of Chaolysti, Pamela Cargill, will join GRID Alternatives International Program, formerly Power to the People, on its next Nicaragua trip. GRID volunteers will install a 1.38kW off-grid photovoltaic system on a primary school in the rural community of Charco Muerto, a community positioned on a white sandy beach on the edge […]

Solar Design Strategy: Stock, Custom, and Premium

Different tactics in staffing a design team can impact soft costs, build and maintain a competitive edge, and reduce risk for a solar company in times of fluctuating sales volume. But let’s look at another design-related strategy straight out of the pages of kitchen and bathroom remodeling that can affect your bottom line: tiered stock, […]

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Vertical Integration: The Only Way to Scale Residential Solar?

January, usually a slow month in solar, has been surprising for newsworthy happenings in the residential sector. The industry had chewed on SolarCity’s Zep acquisition for a few months and, in the mean time, has pondered the deeper meaning of Vivint’s acquisition of Solmetric, makers of the industry-standard Suneye tool. But it wasn’t over yet; […]

Contributing at Solar Power World and PV Solar Report

If you enjoy what you read here, you have the opportunity now to read updates to pieces and new exclusive insight and analysis with Chaolysti’s new content partners: Solar Power World and PV Solar Report. Thanks to Solar Power World Editorial Director Frank Andorka and PV Solar Report Editor Rosana Francescato for the great opportunity! […]

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Lessons You Can Learn From the Big Solar Guys. Part 3: Lean Operations

Boards, investors, and shareholders at established and public solar installation firms are pressing for delivery of better profits on their projects. In order to do this, many are hiring operational excellence consultants or building in-house process improvement teams that use principles common in Lean manufacturing to evaluate how the company is fulfilling on its project […]