2015 USSMI Event Wrap-up: Energy Storage, the ITC, and Policy Landsacpe

Last year, I wrapped up the 2013 Greentech Media U.S. Solar Market Insight conference with the themes “Solar, Storage, and Utility Collaboration” and “Focus on Operational Effectiveness.” This year, the message was related but came wrapped in a sense of urgency around the heating-up policy debates underpinning the ITC extension and the ever-complex landscape of rate design, tariffs, and value of solar conversations happening nationwide.

In our exclusive analysis for the PV Solar Report, you can read the major themes and takeaways from the 2014 U.S. Solar Market Insight Conference.

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Happy Anniversary Chaolysti and All Small Solar Installers

At Chaolysti, we recognize and live everyday the challenge of and tenacity needed to start, run, and stay with your small business. That is why our mission is to serve the long tail of the solar industry. That is why we work with solar service providers to build the programs and services small residential solar installers need to most to compete and succeed in the rapidly changing solar marketplace.

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SolarCurator features two-time award-winning Chaolysti poster on Soft Cost Reductions

In an exclusive with SolarCurator, hand-picked news and commentary from industry veteran Tom Cheney, Pamela Cargill presents the thesis, methodologies, and recommendations highlighted in her two-time award winning poster "Using the Seven Forms of Waste and Critical Path Method to Lower Residential Solar Soft Costs."

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Why and How Small Installers Should Shift from Cost to Value-Based Pricing

Many solar companies are becoming more sophisticated in their marketing and sales; defining value and differentiating from their competitors. However, that value does not end once the sale is complete. The customer buying a solar energy system is not buying a sales process. They are buying the end result of the solar installation- be it lower utility bills, peace of mind, an investment product, etc. 

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