A New Threat Looms Against Distributed Rooftop Solar

Net energy metering and solar policies are under attack in several states. Utilities are squaring off with solar grid penetration in several key markets. High profile corporations have levied campaigns against solar energy. The anti-dumping trade case is in full swing. The ITC may expire in 2016. The solar industry is embroiled in all these […]

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Join Chaolysti at PV America for a Beers with Peers Session on Project and Personnel Management

Join Principal of Chaolysti, Pamela Cargill, during PV America’s “Beers with Peers” session on Wednesday June 25th from 1PM until 3PM. Ms. Cargill will facilitate the topic, “Best practices roundtable for project and personnel management at your solar company” in keeping with the Lean Thinking theme of her poster presentation. Please join us to discuss […]

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Chaolysti “7 Forms of Waste” selected for Best Posters of PV America

Chaolysti is proud to receive the distinction of Best Posters of PV America (PVA) with the poster “Using 7 Forms of Waste and Critical Path Method to Lower Operational Soft Costs in Residential Solar.” Please join Principal Pamela Cargill as she delivers a 10 minute presentation on the poster contents at the Solar Central Booth […]

People and Process: Why Respect for People is not an optional part of Lean Thinking

At the core of Lean are the Three Pillars: Increase Value, Remove Waste, and Respect People. I’ve written at length about the many ways to create value (Scalable Design Services, Stock/Custom Design Strategies) and remove waste (Value-Added/Non-Value-Added, 7 Forms of Waste, etc). However, Respect People is crucial to the success of Lean thinking. Without respecting […]

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Tools for Analyzing Soft Cost Reductions Part 2: 7 Forms of Waste

The 7 Forms of Waste is a framework used in proven cost reduction methodologies from the Toyota Production System (TPS), now commonly referred to as “Lean Production” or simply Lean. Using this framework, you can begin to reframe your operations in the language of what your customer considers valuable. By classifying all process activities into […]

Tools for Analyzing Soft Cost Reductions Part 1: Value-Added vs. Non-Value-Added

Soft costs. While analysts have been long on talk analyzing what they are and how they are impacting the industry, they have been short on solutions. Why? Because residential solar is, by nature of its need to interface with a varied landscape of regulatory and policy issues, a complex business. It is equal parts finance, […]

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Chaolysti Founder, Pamela Cargill, appears on Disruption! Solar Energy Podcast

Founder of Chaolysti, Pamela Cargill, spoke recently with Roger Willhite of SecondSilicon.com and host of the podcast Disruption! Solar Energy for episode #31. The interview covered: Developing solar career paths: from formal education to solar training to the employment landscape. Bay Area Solar Culture: How the vestiges of DotCom tech culture shaped the Bay Area […]

The Solar Cell Turns 60: Celebrating History and the Future

“It was the solar cell that launched the renewable energy age,” declared Eicke Weber, director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, as he kicked off “PV60: History Becoming the Future.” The program, honoring the history of the invention of the silicon solar cell, took place April 18 at the Lucie Stern Community Center […]

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Where Just a Little PV Goes a Long Way: GRID Alternatives in Nicaragua

I recently returned from a week-long trip with GRID Alternatives’ International Program, where my husband (Marvin Hamon, also a solar pro) and I joined a group of ten intrepid travelers to install a 1.38kW PV system. The installation took place in the rural subsistence fishing community of Charco Muerto on the shore of Lake Nicaragua […]