Cargill to Chair Distributed Energy Resources Session at Renewable Energy World International 2016

Chaolysti Principal Pamela Cargill will chair the session "Outlook and Best Practices for a Growing DG Solar Market"  on Tuesday at 1:30PM at this year's Renewable Energy World International conference taking place December 12-15 in Orlando, FL. Ms. Cargill has served alongside co-chair Travis Lowder, Renewable Energy Analyst at NREL, to plan the session.

This session will highlight several perspectives from the Distributed Solar space to help attendees better frame the opportunities around the future of distributed solar from the perspective of customer choice, policy design, and new business models.

Presenters will include:

  • Paula Mints, SPV Market Research
  • Matthias Heinze, TUV Rheinland
  • Erin Grossi, Center for Neighborhood Technology
  • Nancy McKereghan, Tangerine+
  • JW Postal, Clean Energy Collective

Renewable Energy World International is part of Powergen Week, a full-spectrum gathering of representatives from all energy generation backgrounds, Renewable Energy World International covers the hottest topics facing the renewable energy space - from grid integration to distributed resources and everything in between. 

Ms. Cargill and Mr. Lowder will also co-host the Distributed Renewables tables at the Thursday morning Networking Breakfast during the conference.

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In Residential Solar, Policy Work is the New Customer Acquisition

Our industry has not rewarded those who plan far ahead and, unfortunately, has not encouraged much thinking about issues that have longer timelines to pursue like rate reforms or any longer-term policy work.

We can no longer take any policy framework, value proposition, customer acquisition style, or market dynamic as a given. We must be more actively involved and vigilant. That means getting our own house in order and determining how we can engage in and support the efforts of our policy advocates. 

This is no longer optional. We stand together or we will die together.

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Why Solar Software Needs to Move Beyond Subscription Models

Since 2009, several dozen new solar-specific software vendors entered the market, ostensibly targeting the same installer/contractor demographic with software-as-a-service subscription models, offering access at a monthly fee sometime at different tiers of use. These vendors offer everything from proposal platforms to design support software to specialized asset management solutions.

As more entrants come to this market with products, is hoping for a 5% market share, normally a pretty exciting proposition, enough to build a viable business on with a SaaS-based monthly subscription model?

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Experts Discuss the Future of Residential Solar during SPI 2016 Forum

Chaolysti Principal Pamela Cargill facilitated a forum at SPI 2016 with a cast of experts representing several adjacent viewpoints surrounding the business of residential solar.

  • Ed Murray, CEO, Aztec Solar
    • Primary Perspective: Long-term industry, thermal, 80’s tax credit, policy making
  • Jim Jenal, CEO, Run on Sun
    • Primary Perspective: small/local installer, consumer protection
  • Michael Grasso, CMO, SunRun
    • Primary Perspective: national-scale hybrid residential solar business model
  • Rick Luna, Sr. Manager of Product Development, CPS Energy
    • Primary Perspective: progressive municipal utility


The session focused on two key topics, inviting the audience to vote using a text-to-poll mechanism:

  1. Who will dominate the business of residential solar in 5 years?

  2. What will be the predominant business model of residential solar in 5 years? 

Read the article in Solar Power World covering the spirited conversation here.

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