Experts Discuss the Future of Residential Solar during SPI 2016 Forum

Chaolysti Principal Pamela Cargill facilitated a forum at SPI 2016 with a cast of experts representing several adjacent viewpoints surrounding the business of residential solar.

  • Ed Murray, CEO, Aztec Solar
    • Primary Perspective: Long-term industry, thermal, 80’s tax credit, policy making
  • Jim Jenal, CEO, Run on Sun
    • Primary Perspective: small/local installer, consumer protection
  • Michael Grasso, CMO, SunRun
    • Primary Perspective: national-scale hybrid residential solar business model
  • Rick Luna, Sr. Manager of Product Development, CPS Energy
    • Primary Perspective: progressive municipal utility


The session focused on two key topics, inviting the audience to vote using a text-to-poll mechanism:

  1. Who will dominate the business of residential solar in 5 years?

  2. What will be the predominant business model of residential solar in 5 years? 

Read the article in Solar Power World covering the spirited conversation here.

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What Software do Solar Contractors Need? An Updated Assessment

Software can be a powerful part of an overall business operations strategy, but it must be integrated into an overall strategic planning framework that understands customer desire and how to meet it and how the holistic integration of people, process and tools work together to achieve customer delight. 

Are the current solar-specific offerings fitting this need?

Read more in our exclusive article for Solar Power World.

Posted on September 6, 2016 and filed under analysis.

Why We Haven’t Crossed the Chasm in Residential Solar & What to Do

Just because we’re not shooting fish in a barrel doesn’t mean we’re moving past the late early majority, venturing into the mainstream, or “crossing the chasm” of residential solar. Since December 2015, I’ve been exploring the macro changes happening in the US residential solar markets and wondering where (and if) we were moving into mature market segments.

Read our post on Heatspring Magazine for our insights on the Residential Solar Crossing the Chasm discussion.

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Commanding Value in the Marketplace and Evaluating Crossing the Chasm

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) recently presented a webinar “How to Get Those Considering Solar to Ultimately Make the Switch” highlighting findings from its multi-year Department of Energy grant-funded consumer study. The purpose of the study was to determine opportunities for the residential solar sector to increase lead generation and conversion rates. The study focused on understanding differences between solar “considerers” (those who have spoken with installers about solar but haven’t moved forward) and “adopters” (those who actually started a solar project).

Read on for nine steps recommended from the study and how residential solar contractors can put them in to action.

Since publishing the article, Chaolysti has participated in additional study on the Crossing the Chasm framework. As such, we have revised our positioning and no longer support the hypothesis that we are at or near an adoption chasm nor that Crossing the Chasm is likely an appropriate framework to use to evaluate consumer solar adoption. See our updated positioning in this recent LInkedIn piece.

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